Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow days...

Hi All,

Hope you are all keeping warm and that the snow isn't causing you too much inconvenience.

This weekend has been quite productive.  Luckily on Saturday we managed to get out before the snow came and headed off to Battlesbridge Antique Centre.  I had lost my voice, but wrapped up very warm, hat, gloves and all and went to have a bit of a mooch.  Well it didn't take me long before I whipped off my gloves and opened my purse!!  I found some really lovely vintage crockery for the up coming 7th Star Secret Tea Room at a little cabin called 'Brocante Rose'.  I managed to buy a pretty china 'tea for two' set with tea pot, a Wedgewood tea/coffee pot with sugar bowl and milk jug and a retro looking one person tea pot all for a bargain price!!  I will definitely be going back there!

Chocolate Frosted Traybake
Yesterday Andy got a bit fed up, as when it snows where we live our road gets pretty impassable, which means his clients can't get to him, which in turn means he doesn't get paid.  So, to cheer him up I made him a treat in the form of a lovely Chocolate Frosted Traybake which was recommended by 'The Pink Whisk' it was sooo lovely!!  You can find the details at ''.

I also wanted to make something to use up some a couple of lemons that were in the fridge but didn't have a any butter left.  So I went to my mate Google and searched for recipes with vegetable oil and lemons and found a lemon muffin recipe.  It was quite simple and they tasted ok when warm, but I have to say they weren't so good when they were cold, a bit too lemony and a bit rubbery - suffice to say I won't be making them again.

I will at some stage work out how to share recipes here at the 7th Star Baker, that way I can share all my favourites with you.

Andy is now trying his best to dig the car out and clear the drive, so I feel I should get the kettle on and cut him a bit of cake for when he's finished.

Keep warm everyone!!


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