Sunday, 24 June 2012

A potted version of my life

This blogging malarky is all very well, but how often should I do it? Some weeks of my life are dull and event free, and then there are whole months where life is so busy I don't even have time to open the laptop, let alone write a blog. This past month or so has been a bit like that, so I'll try my best to do a potted version of  the goings on of my life in May and June and hope I don't bore you to death!  Don't laugh, I need to refer to my diary to see what has been going on - get me!!

May was an eventful month, and I think the major highlight has to be Chelsea winning the Champion's League final, a dream I daren't imagine would have come true.

Andy and I went to stay with my brother Stephen, who is also a Blues fan and his partner Denise, who is an Arsenal fan (as is Andy).  Not too sure how the neighbours coped with living in the same bulding while the match was on. Stephen and I, it has to be said, got somewhat excited and hysterical during the match and extra time, as for the penalties...I must have worn a path through the new carpet with all my pacing up and down!!  Stephen had a hip replacement a month or so earlier, so he was a sight limping around waiving his walking stick about!

The following weekend was Eurovision, which called for a family night with a take away, Russian grannies and Englebert at my cousin Shelley's house - what a laugh that was!!  As always we had a sweepstake and I am pleased to say I got Sweden, so left a few quid better off at the end of the evening.

At the beginning of June Shelley and I went along to the first ever Clandestine Cake Club (CCC) in Southend, Shelley and I do love a bit of cake!  It was a really good afternoon, we got to try numerous varieties of cake and met some really nice people.
The CCC idea, for those of you that don't know, is the gathering of cake bakers and and cake lovers who's Mission Statement is 'Bake, eat and talk about cake' which is exactly what we did!! To find out more go to
My contribution was a Raspberry Bakewell Cake 

The following weekend saw me heading west to Somerset to visit my friends at the beautiful Langtry Country House.  Now anyone that knows me will tell you that I love this place and try to get down there whenever I can.  It's idyllic and the perfect getaway destination, whether you want a base for a general visit to the surrounding attractions or a romantic weekend away, with luxurious rooms and food to die for!  For more details go to

This past week has seen Andy and I on our annual summer solstice visit to Glastonbury - the town, not the festival!!  We got engaged there in The Chalice Well Garden on Solstice Eve in 2002 and have been going back at the same time every year since.

Whenever in Glastonbury I try to have a massage and/or a reading of some sort and this time was no exception.  The day we arrived, we got unpacked then I headed to The Bridget Healing Centre and had a Thai massage with Julie Antoniadis.  Not the kind of massage I'm used to I have to say, but enjoyable just the same...if you don't mind being stretched and pulled into all manner of embarrasing positions!!  The next day I went back and had a Tarot reading with Jo Lister.  Now I know not everyone would be tempted into such things, but I have a reading every few years and to be honest, they are all open to your own interpretation, and this time was no exception.  I was told that there was a house move on the cards...interesting.  Also, although Andy and I often have different opinions and views of things, apparently I'm quite persuasive so he generally comes round to my way of thinking on the end - yeah right!!  If you are ever in the neighbourhood check them out

The Centre

So, that sort of brings you up to date with the world of the 7th Star Baker, except to let you know that sadly I had to cancel the Secret Afternoon Tea that was planned for 10th June as there weren't enough bookings!!  I will be arranging more dates over the summer and hopefully more people will be up for sampling the delights of a secret tea room.

Take care for now

Mandy xx


  1. Hi Mandy, thanks for visiting my blog, now I've discovered yours. Do you have a bakery? I enjoyed reading about your adventures. The CCC looks like fun. :)

  2. Hi Linda,

    Thank you too for visiting and your nice comments.

    I don't have a bakery, but would love run a tea room where I could bake all my own goodies. Maybe one day...

    CCC really is fun and they are popping up all over the place, not only in the UK. Maybe you could set one up in your area!

    Take care

    Mandy x